"Lakefront Brewery, a production facility, has been doing business with Compost Crusaders for almost two years.  This decrease in landfill waste has saved us over $100.00/year in landfill pick-ups and allowed us to lower the number of landfill and recycling pick-ups each month by four.  Composting has also given me, the chef,  an exact idea of how much food waste the kitchen had and helped us to curb that waste.  Our business with Compost Crusaders has also granted us and our customers the piece of mind that we are being conscientious about our need to respect and preserve our natural resources.  In our eyes that piece of mind is a priceless return on our composting investment."  

Customer For Over 1 Year

Rodney Edie
Facilities Maintenance Manager


Customer for over  1 Year

Customer for over 1 year

"United Natural Foods is the leader in distributing natural and organic products across the country and Canada.  Compost Crusader  is consistently reliable with picking up our compost and communication is always there if a scheduling change is needed.  Money is not a factor when preventing as much waste going to a landfill. Composting does limit out tonnage of trash so this helps limit the number of trash pickups required week to week. Overall, it balances the costs. Our maintenance and inventory control teams have quickly took on the importance of separating compostable items to be picked up weekly.​"

"Compost crusaders is a great company that provides a much needed service of diverting compostable material from landfills in Milwaukee County area. Melissa runs an efficient and effective business. I really like working with her."

"We absolutely love working with Melissa and Compost Crusader's! They are extremely dependable and always available if there are questions or concerns."

Kristyn Eitel

Operating Partner 

"Working with Compost Crusaders allows you to do something good for your community and the world at large without much of a thought and without increasing disposal expenses.  The cost of composting is offset by saving some money on garbage expenses, training is minimal, and upkeep is easy!  It's pretty much a wash, composting - we pay for the composting, but we have 1 less garbage pickup weekly, so that is pretty much the same cost."

Kristin Hueneke

Executive Chef

Customer for over  1 Year

Customer for over 2 Years

Melissa Buchholz


Anne Stadler Vaillancourt

Kitchen Manager